Explore Our Comprehensive Selection of Indoor Air Quality Solutions

IES quite literally knows the air quality business inside and out - which means we’re uniquely qualified to offer you a more complete service offering to address any and all possible issues behind your indoor environment challenges.

Building Forensics

Harness the Power of Proven Expertise for All Types of Damage

IES prides itself on identifying the true root of indoor air quality problems. In doing so, we not only find the right solution the first time, but also help prevent problems from occurring in the first place when caught in time.

  • Analysis of construction defects such as envelope and wall finishes that may contribute to IAQ problems
  • Measurement of pressure imbalances that may cause moisture infiltration
  • Testing of air leakage rates and infiltration using the ASTM E779 Fan
  • Pressurization Test, also commonly known as the “blower-door” test.
  • Identification of pathways of contaminants and external air into the space

Mold and Moisture

The Impact of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Mold

One of the most challenging aspects of Indoor Air Quality and moisture problems is the wide variety of possible causes. Our IAQ service offering includes, but is not limited to:

  • Assessment of space humidity and indoor air quality
  • Mold growth investigation
  • Wood floor moisture problems
  • Moisture problems in concrete slabs
  • Moisture problems in attics and crawlspaces
  • Treatment of interior condensation on windows
  • Prevention of foundation and crawlspace drainage issues
  • Assessment of air-quality impact on occupants and lifestyles


Energy-Efficient. Cost Effective. 100% Customized.

  • Air-conditioning design (new and retrofit)
  • Ground-source heating and cooling (geothermal loop) for energy savings
  • Dehumidification design
  • Diagnostics for residential, commercial, and institutional air-conditioning systems
  • Assessment of air-conditioning related moisture, mold growth, and comfort issues
  • Development of installation methods to prevent moisture problems
  • Energy savings toward service water heating

Energy Conservation

Find Out How Environmentally Conscious Can Be Budget Conscious Too.

We provide consulting, analysis, system design, and diagnosis to maximize operational efficiencies while minimizing environmental impacts. We develop plans for residential and commercial building owners to make sustainable choices in design, construction, and renovation.

  • Thorough understanding of green building practices
  • Creating efficient pool and water heating solutions
  • Ground-source heating and cooling (geothermal loop) for energy savings
  • Design of energy-efficient HVAC systems

EUI Score

Know Your Score. Calculate Your Savings.

Knowing the Energy Use Intensity (EUI) for a building identifies how efficiently it uses energy. Simply by comparing your building’s score against recommended averages for that type of structure, IES can help you uncover dozens of ways to limit waste and achieve real cost savings.

  • Analysis of energy usage
  • Identification of building type/purpose (schools and hospitals, for example, should use significantly more energy than a standard home or office building)
  • Customized geographic comparison analysis to capture accurate EUI levels for the immediate surrounding area
  • Recommendations for remedying inefficiencies
  • Implementation of technologies and solutions


Commissioning New and Existing Systems for Peak Performance

Our systematic commissioning process ensures that building systems are designed, installed, and tested to maximum functionality – meeting both operational needs and maintenance budgets. IES specializes in commissioning for new buildings as well as for existing systems, including repairs.

  • Proper selection and correct installation of most appropriate indoor air quality systems
  • Solutions for common problems such as:
    • Outside air control, interlocks
    • Outside air preconditioning
    • Energy recovery ventilators
    • Variable-speed pumping retrofitting
    • Chiller plant optimization
    • Cooling tower optimization
    • Building energy monitoring, including remote monitoring
    • Reduction of kW and kWh – resulting in lower consumption and overall cost savings
    • Geothermal HVAC systems for improved efficiency and comfort
A favorable balance between demand and consumption
Solutions that Effectively Lower Consumption and Demand
Enhanced safety & comfort throught proper energy management
  • A favorable balance between demand and consumption
  • Solutions that Effectively Lower Consumption and Demand
  • Enhanced safety & comfort throught proper energy management